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Starlit Nights, Dusty Roads

After taking almost 4 years off from Gwen's Garden Produce, I have decided to move home and begin again. My new farm is named Stardust Gardens. It's an homage to my starry night walks and the dusty farm on a dirt road.

I had been contemplating a name change for years, since Gwen's Garden Produce was picked in a hurry, when I was 16 as a requirement of the Summer Jobs Program that I was enrolled in at the time.

After throwing around different names: Moon Pond Farm (a reference to Emily of New Moon), Little Creek Farm (that's pretty self-explanatory), Gwen's Garden (an easier change for sure), I was thinking something along the lines of Starlight Path Farm (to avoid confusion with the Starlight Drive In). But during a summer concert with the Goderich Laketown band, I found myself staring at the sheet music for Stardust. And I realized I had my new name.

My new name is both personal, and separate from myself. Allowing me to distance myself personally from my business, yet, being something important and close to me as well. Not to mention beautiful and evocative (or so I think).

Along with the new name, I also have some new employees. For the first time I have employed two full time employees on the farm: Rahul and Sruthi. You might see them around if you stop by!

With their help we've been able to stay on top of all this springs seeding, and our transplant schedule, ensuring we will have a steady supply of vegetables. Our season is off to a great start!

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